Brian Stevenson Business Development. Government Affairs. International Relations.

Brian Stevenson is a business development, government affairs and international relations consultant who represents entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders of industry to help them achieve their objectives from the front line.  

After spending over fifteen years working as a business representative for one of the premier labor unions in North America and its business manager, Brian knows how to get things done - protocol, understanding of process, and perseverance.  

Through Brian’s civic, city, state, federal, union, private or public relationships - be that regionally, nationally or globally, he will be steadfast in his representation of you, your entity or your issue.  

These ties position him as the ultimate liaison to foster agreements and build partnerships that are, or will be, the foundation to your business growth.

He has worked with dozens of heads of state in varying capacities (i.e.): President George W. Bush (advanced party and motorcade), Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco (executive protection), Prince Michael of Kent (international charity),Vice President Joe Biden (dredging funding), President of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams (cultural relations).  

In Philadelphia, Brian has worked in representational roles on large scale events (i.e.): Pope Francis’s Visit, Democratic National Convention, NFL Draft, Eagles Victory Parade.  

Brian has provided confidential protective and investigative services for a multitude of influential individuals and entities and has served his country honorably as a United States Marine with 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines.

Brian meeting with Vice President Joe Biden over Port of Philadelphia dredging funding.

Brian supporting Philadelphia Saint Patrick's Day Parade Grand Marshall and Business Manager John J. Dougherty on behalf of labor's cultural relations efforts.

Brian speaking at the swearing in ceremony of the Honorable Maria McLaughlin to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

Brian Stevenson coordinating relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims from the participants of the Philadelphia Labor Day Parade.

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*Representation is discretionary and by referral only.


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